Harrison may or may not have sensed this, but English was not Lin’s mother tongue. It wasn’t Chinese either, or Korean, but a bastardization of the two. Though this strange mutt of a language was beautiful in its own way, Lin had gone out of his way to make it seem as if it had never been there. No Asian languages were spoken outside of the Ruan household.

Not ever.

    Lin had made it a point to educate himself from early on. He wanted a higher education, and strove to excel in every academic area he found himself in - but alas that path was not about to open itself up to him. So, he compensated by Americanizing himself.

Lin was not American at all. He was self conscious.

    Harrison would likely pride himself on knowing he’d made Lin more than uncomfortable. Those memories of previous bad encounters suddenly resurfacing for the first time in years. His life had not been terrible, but it was never easy and it was not easy not because his family could not make a living but because people didn’t like where they’d come from and did not let them.

    Life was just that unfair. Those were just the times. But Lin carried this inside him always - making himself an unfair man. He could hold one hell of a grudge - still remembering the faces of every person who’d crossed him in hopes he’d meet them again someday when he was in a better place.

    Now, Lin put himself above instead of working on his own character, he did his best to manipulate the system. Lin was a cheat, an amoral thinker who cared about little other than his own survival. An inexperienced, but potentially talented smuggler. In short, Harrison was absolutely correct that Lin could not be trusted. But not because he was Asian, but because he was Lin.

    But his tense posture became visibly relaxed when the Frenchman finally moved from the offensive - or so it seemed. For a moment the thought of the Doctor being a somewhat decent person crossed Lin’s mind - but he quickly did away with that. He could not afford to consider any kindness until this threat had subsided completely disappeared.

He nodded slowly, keeping a steady eye on LeClaine as it to try to read the other’s mind. But Lin would never be able to tell what the man was thinking, not really. His answer was slow, detached, his mind was miles away and racing. Lin let the cigarette dangle in how mouth, forgetting it was even there. "I’ll be sure to do that, if I get the chance."

    If Harrison could get past his irrational and abhorrent racist behaviour, perhaps he would actually be able to relate to the fact that the world was completely unfair. No matter where you came from and who you ended up being at the end of your life, there were always going to be people who would treat you poorly. Whether it was your race, gender, religious background, social status - who you fucked… Whatever… It was all up for scrutiny by those in power. The interaction between the pair of them was just one small example of this fact. The Frenchman could hardly even pinpoint just what about the race of this stranger made him feel… uncomfortable. He switched positions in his chair once more, crossing one leg over the other, just to not sit completely still in his place. Constant stimulation was necessary for the man, as he spent most of his days behind a desk typing away… Or at least pacing around in a clinic.

    A puff of smoke left his lips from his own cigarettes once more, ash falling every so often on the cobblestone sidewalk. It was as if the pair of them were in a sort of standoff. Lin had the option to leave at any moment - as did Harrison. Yet, the pair of them remained in each other’s presence, no matter how unbearably awful they had been to one another. LeCaine figured that if he was the first to simply get up and go back inside the café, it would be a sign of weakness. And there was no way in hell that he was going to be bested by some… Asian. The thought left a bitter taste to linger down the back of his throat, causing an almost chemical reaction with the acid in his stomach. Wisps of smoke added a bit of a hazy filter to his eyesight.

                                         Silence was all that the pair had now.

    That was… Until a cart of delicate glass (ceramic? china? crystal?) was turned over and shattered all over the darkest corner of the market… leading just off to the Apiary. They must have been jars then… for the honey that had no doubt been brought in probably some time earlier in the morning. Yet, where was the source of the damage? The doctor narrowed his eyes to the wreckage and sat up straight, reaching over to his medical briefcase where a loaded pistol was all too eager to reveal itself should the need arise. His other hand put out the cigarette that was nearly at its end anyways on the small table’s ashtray. Something was amiss. Where was the vendor? Was this not a reason for some sort of stirring from the merchant’s space.

                      "And you are sure your company is not joining you tonight?"

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      Now that the singer was no longer in any danger the panic she had been feeling faded away. Releasing tension she hadn’t even noticed in the heat of the moment. She spared a thought to what she would have done if no one had come to her rescue. She knew before she wouldn’t even have considered hurting anyone, even jackals like this men. Now though? Perhaps the desperation in the city was getting to her more than she had thought. The idea scared her, but now was not the time to contemplate her changing morality, in the middle of a crowded metro.

      With the panic she had momentarily felt gone, and her memory no longer impaired it wasn’t difficult to recall where she knew the man from. Though how he was behaving she doubted he had had the same flash of memory. Not that she would be surprised, she still thought of herself as easily forgotten, and it had been a little while. She wouldn’t blame him at all if he had no recollection of her identity, since she doubted she had made much of an impression.

      Still she took his offered hand, if he really didn’t remember her than she supposed that was the correct protocol for this sort of meeting. The fact that he didn’t remember her and had still come to her rescue even moved him up a notch in her esteem. Coming to the rescue of an acquaintance was one thing, helping a stranger out of the same situation was quite another. 

      Katherine was almost thankful as the metro lurched forward again, she had almost been afraid it had broken down. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but she hated the delays it caused. Even the slow movement was better than the train staying in a complete stop. Despite her now more improved company spending more time than she needed on the Metro was not an appealing idea. 

      “I don’t consider forgetting someone’s name rude at all,” the singer said with nothing but understanding her voice. 

      “It’s Katherine, Katherine Piper.” She studied his expression looking for any sort of recognition as she reintroduced herself. She wouldn’t really hold it against him if he didn’t remember her, she didn’t doubt he saw a lot of people on a regular basis. why would she have stood out?

      “Do you remember me now?”

"Katherine… — — —"

    The doctor breathed, feeling a small rush of memories come back to him. Her face was petite and soft… While that was normally something that he saw as beautiful and certainly desirable among the hags that crept around the clinic late at night, she also had an air about her that was forgettable. This wasn’t mean to be an offensive term of phrase for him. Instead, Harrison liked to think that if he did not remember a person after seeing them in his office, it was likely because they were not critically injured or awfully rude in some way or another. If anything, he silently hoped that this would be a bit of a compliment to the woman. The Frenchman tilted his head to the side in an attempt to get a better look at her and to mentally check for signs of going into shock. He wasn’t exactly a real doctor, but he had picked up a thing or two after shadowing and watching other people’s behaviours in and out of the Pavilion.


    "It rings a bell, though… I must admit that our time together must have been brief, Mademoiselle Piper. Memories of our time together allude me."

    His briefcase lay on the floor next to his feet while the carriage seems to rock from side to side from such uneven tracks. Rapture certainly wasn’t as new and shiny as the way that the Frenchman had once imagined it. And it definitely was not as forgiving as his first few days spent down here. LeCaine didn’t think that his time down here was all that lengthy, but it had been clear that the place had gone down hill in the past few months. Just the general quality of life in this hellhole had really gone to the dogs. A part of him wondered just what really went wrong … But the other half of him simply figured that this was all just part of him coming back to reality and down from the high of moving somewhere new and away from everything that he had ever known.

    Feeling awfully guilty of nearly completely forgetting everything about this woman, who she was, what she was like… A hand was extended to her in a most courteous handshake. The best thing to do in this situation was to make the most of it and perhaps start over.

    "Perhaps we can start over… If you are willing, of course."

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Snakes on your dick is generally a bad idea. Just so you know.

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