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     Martin sighed, sitting on the exam table with his shirt open and off one shoulder, sporting a large, lovely abrasion that stretched from the curve of his right shoulder and stopping down in the middle of his right pectoral muscle. The skin still intact surrounding the abrasion was red and angry, though the bleeding seemed to have lessened.

     ”Just wondering how long this’ll take to heal.” Martin sighed. “Cleaned it up best I could, but I figured a professional oughta take a look.”

    Though the bleeding seemed to have subsided, the doctor’s partial knowledge left him worrying about infection. Any sort of red and inflamed area near a wound was a sure-fire way to tell of some sort of complication. Sterile gloves were slipped along his hands after setting down the patient’s file and wandering over to the treatment bed. For now, it was best to ask questions, and then perhaps touch around the wound and get a better look.

    “Hard to say. How long have you had this injury? Is it new? Because with the amount of redness in the surrounding skin, you might be looking at an infection.”

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    He opens his eyes and glances over at whoever it was
    that’d been talking to him.

   ”Oh —” Waylon sits up straighter, embarrassed about
    having dozed off. “Thank you, I didn’t mean to.”


       He cracks his neck from side to side before
       resuming to the evening newspaper.

"I don’t think anybody really means to fall
asleep on the Metro. Not in this city.”


      It wasn’t difficult to tell that this guy was a little on the tight-ass side, but it didn’t manage to intimidate Ronny any. He’s made friends with people who were outright nasty in the beginning, so he opted to give everyone a generous chance. Ronny settles right next to them with his arms over the edge of the counter, chuckling softly at the response. 

                             ”Ten hours, huh? Yes, I’d say that deserves a drink or two.” 


      Ronny turns to the bartender and orders them both a glass of whiskey, hoping that it’s to the other man’s tastes. If not, he’d drink both and order him something else. No problem here. He moves to take and shake the hand firmly before pulling away again, smiling all the more.

                                                  “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. LeCaine.”

    For someone who was so whole-heartedly not interested in being around strangers, Harrison was hardly the type to pass up the opportunity to have a drink. As soon as the golden brown hue of whiskey was brought over in two different glasses, the very corners of his lips furled slightly. Their hands locked firmly, shook twice, and the doctor responded in kind.

    “Pleasure. And you are?”

    Might as well learn a bit about the man who was offering a free drink.

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    When Harrison took a moment to look about the train so did she. It made her sad really, everyone looked miserable, something she rarely saw on her normal days. Of course she was not so displaced from the general public not to be aware of the fact that a good portion of the city had every right to be miserable. For all the shining places like the Fort, or the luxury apartments like those in which she stayed, she knew that there were places that were an outright misery to live in. Still she tried to keep a somewhat happy expression on her face, looking back at the Doctor as he spoke once more.

    “I’m sure we will,” the singer said with an emphatic nod and a kind smile. The metro started to slow and she had to grip the bars to keep herself from falling from her chair at the sudden jerk. She really could not wait to be off the metal beast, no matter how much she was enjoying his company. As the train continued to slow she managed to regain her composure.

     “If you’re ever about the Fort I sing at the Icarus Lounge sometimes. I don’t yet have a concrete schedule or I’d give you the times, but well if you’re ever in the area, it’s a much more favorable place for conversation after all.”

     She cut off her words before her sentences could get any more awkward, and busied herself making sure she had her belongings as the train continued to slow to a stop. Thankful that she would soon be able to get off the damned train, and also feeling like she had failed at conversation.

    Icarus Lounge…––”

    The words rolled off his tongue with a slight amount of familiarity. While LeCaine was hardly the type to go off into society to explore the many wonders of entertainment that the Fort had to offer, he had been dragged out to a performance every now and then by either Ava Tate or Hector Rodriguez. Being a doctor in the city had its perks, especially when you had almost direct access to a personal supply of ADAM. Time and time again, celebrities, or so they would claim to be, would wander into his office and try to play nice. Luckily, the Frenchman was too much of an anti-socialite to give in to their petty bribes and attempts at bargaining.

    A simper traced his normally frowning lips as she suggested the place as a better place of conversation. Well, apparently he had done something right today. Such a pretty young woman, and she was offering to at least talk to him outside of their delayed train ride? It was a miracle –– right before his very eyes.

    I will have to make a trip to the Fort then. It was a pleasure getting re-acquainted with you, Mademoiselle Katherine Bon soir.”

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Rough sex is the manifestation of romance. You trust someone so much that you let them do whatever they want with one thing that is yours.
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      “I was actually going to offer help of my own, in the form of a drink. Something makes me think you could use one?” 


      The radio host helped himself to a seat next to the other man, offering a charming smile as he settles at the bar. It wasn’t all that crowded within the Cocktail Lounge for once, so it was just them and maybe two others in the back. It wasn’t very often he saw a face in Fort Frolic that he didn’t recognize, so he felt compelled to greet the man. “I’m Ronny Sterling, pleasure to meet you. Unless my memory fails me, i don’t believe we’ve ever met before now.”

It was a rather strange phenomenon when someone,
especially a stranger, was friendly to Harrison LeCaine.
In fact, the occurrence was so rare… that the doctor
put his glasses on… just to simply check to see if this
was real or imaginary. A scowl was so commonly placed
upon his features that none really dared to disturb his
brooding in the corner.

             ”I suppose it is difficult to turn down a drink
             after working a ten hour shift.”

A sturdy hand extended to shake Sterling’s.

             ”Harrison LeCaine. And no, we have not.”

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