Rough sex is the manifestation of romance. You trust someone so much that you let them do whatever they want with one thing that is yours.
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      “I was actually going to offer help of my own, in the form of a drink. Something makes me think you could use one?” 


      The radio host helped himself to a seat next to the other man, offering a charming smile as he settles at the bar. It wasn’t all that crowded within the Cocktail Lounge for once, so it was just them and maybe two others in the back. It wasn’t very often he saw a face in Fort Frolic that he didn’t recognize, so he felt compelled to greet the man. “I’m Ronny Sterling, pleasure to meet you. Unless my memory fails me, i don’t believe we’ve ever met before now.”

It was a rather strange phenomenon when someone,
especially a stranger, was friendly to Harrison LeCaine.
In fact, the occurrence was so rare… that the doctor
put his glasses on… just to simply check to see if this
was real or imaginary. A scowl was so commonly placed
upon his features that none really dared to disturb his
brooding in the corner.

             ”I suppose it is difficult to turn down a drink
             after working a ten hour shift.”

A sturdy hand extended to shake Sterling’s.

             ”Harrison LeCaine. And no, we have not.”

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“Oh I was just heading home actually, Mercury Suites,” the singer said with a small shrug, a smile still on her face.

Never a world class conversationalist, she had little idea of what to say. To keep herself from playing with her hair, or tugging at her skirt, or some other fidgety behavior that he might find offensive she tucked her hands into her lap. It wasn’t that she didn’t like talking to him, it was just the metro really. She disliked the noisy cars and the constant creaking always had her worrying that it would break down. Probably a baseless fear, but well it wasn’t like one could control their fears. 

In reality though this was probably one of her more pleasant metro rides, so as long as you didn’t count the earlier unpleasant events. Even if at times their conversation seemed a bit stilted, something she blamed herself for entirely, she was actually enjoying herself. 

“I’m just glad my stop is soon.” She quickly amended her words realizing he might take it the wrong way, and be offended. “It’s not you of course, it’s just I’m not really fond of the Metro to be honest, especially when it’s crowded like this. I didn’t think I was late enough to hit the rush but I guess I must have lost track of time.” Truthfully she always tried to take the metro when it was uncrowded, well as uncrowded as it got, which wasn’t really. 

    Katherine was not the only individual that hated using the train system in Rapture. It was entirely unsettling… being in a train car and going through tunnels that could very well collapse at any moment and sweep you out into the ocean. The very thought sent a shiver down his spine, and the smoking jacket was instantly wrapped around his hulking frame a little tighter.

    “No, no… I understand. This is not exactly my favourite place to be either. The people you meet are not what I would call… friendly,” his eyes began to wander along the car. This was definitely not the usual crowd of friendly families and couples that travelled through the Farmer’s Market or Fort Frolic. At least those folks had a sickening collection of smiles on their stupid mugs. These people… Miserable. Every single one of them. Katherine seemed to be the only one with a bit of a friendly demeanour about her.

    Harrison, of course, was never to be considered part of the amicable crowd. Full stop.

    “Maybe we’ll see each other again some time… In more favourable circumstances…”

         Can I help you?”



"Oh, well. That’s most kind of y’sir. I’m sorry ‘bout the mix up."
She was grateful, regardless, moving to seat herself opposite,
smoothing down her skirt. “I won’t be too long, I don’t think.
He….he should be here soon.”

Of course…”

             Not that he doubted her or anything… But
             Harrison had seen it all before - women
             getting stood up for no damn reason.

In the mean time, can I buy you a drink?”

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"Are y’sure? I mean…well.
Y’taller than they said.
But y’look how they said y’would.”

"Honestly, mademoiselle, I have no idea who you are.
And I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone tonight. But
by all means, you are free to sit at this table with me.”

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    Once again the heating was being repaired in his apartment building. As much as the doctor did not want to leave his home, he simply had no choice but to wander aimlessly through the city. Strangely enough, he was warmer outside and walking around than in his bed. It must have been because of the fact that he was walking around with at least two jackets and sweaters on.

    Harrison sat to rest on one of the park benches. Everything was so silent and peaceful at this hour. He couldn’t possibly imagine anything or anyone disturbing him this late at night…

    Until –– 

You must be mistaken.
Im not who you are looking for.”


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    Exhausted didn’t begin to cover it. He felt like he’d
     r u n  from one coast to another and back   again
     without stopping for a minute of sleep.

   ”Ugh.” His pounding head was the icing on top of
     the crap cake.

If you fall asleep on the Metro,
you will probably miss your stop.”

           Not that the doctor cared all that much.

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"You look like you could use a hand."

       Yes. I suppose I could. Can you carry that last box in?”