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       The Metro, the singer honestly hated taking it, especially at rush hour with all those bodies pressed in together. It reminded her far too much of those childhood trips on the bus she used to take, when her mother forgot to pick her up from school. Just like those times she kept her head down her eyes focused on her lap mentally isolating herself. It was easier that way, stay unnoticed and get off at your stop. It seemed however that today this tactic wouldn’t suffice. 

      At first Katherine just ignored the remarks, it wasn’t like they were hurting her, just being obnoxious. She hoped her ignoring them would cause them to lose interest, but the men persisted despite this. A few particularly colorful comments made her wince and clench her fists into her skirt. Not knowing what they would do if she retorted she didn’t want to risk it. 

      The only reaction she gave was a quick glance around searching for help, but most in the train were just staring. Those few eyes she managed to meet in her quick glance looked away,as though they weren’t watching. No help there then, how many times had she seen the same thing on the surface though? No one wanted to get involved, they just pretended not to notice.

      As the metro screeched to a halt it seemed she was going to get a chance to make an escape. Even though it wasn’t her stop she could wait for the next train, hopefully more empty, or at least with better company.

      However when she tried to stand one of the men grabbed her arm shoving her back down. Now she actually raised her gaze to look at her tormentors, how dare they touch her? She felt anger well up inside and with barely a thought she felt ice encase her hand. She would see how well these men could harass her with their mouths frozen shut. 

      Before she could react with violence, a briefcase flew by, striking one of the men in the face. It was followed by a barrage of similar items, most striking their target, though a few missed ricocheting off the wall, luckily missing any other passengers. She kept her own plasmid fired up, well figuratively speaking, as the barrage of items continued. Near the end of the spectacle she had to duck to avoid notebook, but considering how many items were flying the fact that it was only a single notebook was impressive. As she straightened back up the train once again chimed and screeched to a halt, an announcement coming over the loudspeaker. Not that she was listening as her rescuer approached the group of men warning them off the train. 

      After the barrage of items the men seemed all to happy to obey the order running like dogs with their tails between their legs. Looking into the face of her rescuer she felt a hint of familiarity, swearing she knew him from somewhere, but for the moment she couldn’t place it, a bit too unsettled to think clearly. Were she not so out-of-sorts she likely would have recalled immediately.

      The obvious gesture of surrender had her relaxing, besides he had saved her and she let the plasmid in her hand fade. Though the cold lingered there, as it would for quite a while.

                              “I’m alright, I mean I’m not injured.”

     Katherine kept her voice low, not really wanting to attract more attention, though how that was possible she had no idea. She felt a bit shaky, she had been harassed before, but no one had actually dared touch her, in addition to the verbal assault. Still she controlled her emotions as a kind and thankful smile crossing her face.

                         “Thank you for coming to my rescue.”

    As soon as his hands lowered, Harrison could clearly see the slight wave of relief that washed over the young woman’s expression. No matter how familiar she seemed to be, the doctor could still not place a name to a face for the life of him. What if they did know each other and he was forced to ask about her identity? How embarrassing would it be for him to simply not remember such a sweet and innocent looking face? Normally, LeCaine didn’t really give a damn about coming off as rude and aloof - but to women, well, that was an entirely different story. Women played an extremely large role in the man’s life - Topside it was both his mother and his lover, Evangeline… And down here, well there was Marceline and Ava. Any good French boy would have been taught from the beginning that women were to be dealt with… carefully.

    He offered a kind, though nervous, smile to her and extended his hand in a bit of a handshake. What was the protocol for this sort of situation? Sure, the Frenchman worked in a clinic, but how often was is that he actually came to someone’s rescue outside of his dingy little clinical office? Never, really.

    "Truly, it was no trouble at all - - -" was the best excuse that he could come up with in order to try and not inflate his damn ego more than necessary. In the mean time, he simply allowed her to cool down from the fact that a pack of damn wolves nearly came after her in broad daylight on the train. Had society really gone to shit in the past few months? LeCaine spent nearly all of his time in his office or in his apartment… Socializing and observing people in the city was not something that he particularly enjoyed doing in his spare time. This probably led him to being a little out of touch with human nature and the level of desperation that people in Rapture reeked of these days.

    With his own medical briefcase in his hand, the doctor managed to shuffle over to the free seat next to the young woman as the train began to lurch forward once more. They had cleared the station now and it seemed as though the next stop would be another minute or two away. Something was wrong with the Metro - Harrison just knew it. Why else would the carriage be moving this slowly? He paid it no mind, mostly due to the fact that maintenance was always happening around these parts. That, or even the track could have been damaged by someone being careless and throwing trash along the tunnels. It didn’t matter as long as they were still moving.

    “Forgive me for probably coming off as rude… But I feel as though we know each other from somewhere. For the life of me, I cannot remember your name though… I’m Harrison. Harrison LeCaine. And you are?” 


Lin did not expect the man to accept his offer, but he also did not expect to pull out his own cigarette. He held back a snort. Of courseTo make himself feel a bit better, Lin reminded himself that these were good lights and at least he did not have to waste one on his man. Lin always bought good cigarettes. Good cigarettes, good coffee, and good shoes were all good investments and well worth the extra cash.

Interrogation was a fine word for their interaction. It was certainly the most accurate. But Lin was no longer the one interrogating. He needed nothing from LeClaine. He was only reacting, keeping his eyes on his surroundings and only occasionally on that man on front of him.

Restaurants… Lin honestly had not paid much attention to the restaurants in this place. His mind was focused on much more important locations: exits, entrances, where people tended to crowd the most, etc. A fine restaurant was not in his list of important landmarks. So, he picked the nearest one - doing his best not to hesitate.

"We were thinking of the Central Square Bistro, my friend was the one to suggest it - having been there before." He said nonchalantly, deliberately keeping the gender of aforementioned friend’s vague. The less information he could give, the better. The more vague, the more normal, the better.

He hoped that bistro wasn’t French, but he couldn’t exactly be picky now, could he?

Honestly, Lin was quite surprised that the man’s bigotry was more subtle and implied than anything else. Yes, he was on the attack, but he had not said anything outright - yet. That was subject to change. Lin hoped it didn’t. The farmer’s market was not a place that housed people who’d side with Lin on this one. There were just lone shoppers, shuffling around and about. Lin knew no one here. His customers never came from these areas. LeClaine on the other hand, was here often, and would have the upper hand in every aspect.

His associate still had not showed up. Meaning he’d never come.

"You know if its any good?" Lin asked absently, gaze still wandering.

    Even if Harrison knew any better, the suspicion in his expression and body language was very real. His racism fuelled the idea that Lin was not to be trusted, and every single word or phrase that left his lips must have been a lie. There was no other alternative to his stubborn and ignorant thoughts. Perhaps some time down the road there would be someone to prove the doctor wrong, or have a damn rational discussion about his hateful feelings… but not today. This very evening would be spent staring down the Asian man that had somehow sauntered into the Arcadia Farmer’s Markets at the wrong damn time. Another long sip of coffee separated the already awkwardly flowing conversation. Harrison’s eyebrows knitted together, trying to recall the bistro that Lin had just mentioned. It had to be around here somewhere, and yet it was nothing worth noting, otherwise he would have known something about it.

    “I would tell you if I knew… Sadly, it must not be all that great, as I have not heard of it.”

    The French were damn proud of a lot of things… Particularly their taste in just about everything. Although he was a vegetarian, LeCaine always did his best to navigate around the overly carnivorous menus that flooded the restaurant scene in Rapture. Marceline’s Café made an excellent ratatouille, but it was not as if he was going to sit in that one damn establishment for the remainder of his stay underwater. When the pair had time for each other, Ava Tate and him tended to dine in the more upscale dining areas of the city… There was always a pasta option, or a salad option. And, of course, wine. Perhaps this was why he maintained such a slender and athletic form these days. That, and heaving around corpses tended to do things to build up your muscular tone.

                                   Of course that was all part of his… private life.

    LeCaine stroked the end of his chin, thumb and fingertips carefully rubbing over the facial hair stubble that had been growing the past two days. Perhaps bringing the tone of hostility down a few notches would benefit both of their mental states. The clinic had been an absolute nightmare this past week - and it seemed as though his friends were far too busy to actually spend time with him with their own careers. Not that any of this excused his racist and hateful behaviour… But it definitely added to the irrationality of it all.

    "You’ll have to spread the word of how you find it… I’m curious as to what you think of the place."

    There was no Chinatown down here… How did this man survive? Did these types of people eat only their own type of food? Or perhaps he had managed to westernize himself to adjust to the more… American culinary tastes. After all… with a name like Central Square Bistro - it had to be American. There was no doubt in his mind that it was probably the same processed garbage that was served up in the poorer districts of this city. What was the point of living if you could not properly feed yourself? He had already spent his life in squalor in Marseilles in the dirtiest of slums… Now that he had finally found a way to make a living, the last thing he wanted was to go back to meals that could barely sustain one mouth. 

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Drabble list - Protect:

    LeCaine was always in a sour mood - there was no denying that, but there was something particularly bothersome that was causing the frown lines along his forehead to deepen. It was rush hour on Rapture’s Metro, and with barely any space to breathe, every single noise seemed to cause the doctor’s fists to clench in exasperation. Why couldn’t all of these people get off at the next stop and leave him with the train compartment to himself? He silently scowled and scanned all the faces in the nearby vicinity. The woman just a few seats over and across from him looked familiar in some way - but he decided to neglect that bit of familiarity for the time being.

    It was not entirely uncommon for Harrison to recognize a face or two on his travels throughout the city. After all, he was a doctor who worked in a busy clinic. People there had lives outside of his own treatment rooms and sometimes they had memorable enough faces for him to stop for a second or two and move on. The woman across the compartment from him was no exception. She was fair - rather harmless looking from the outside, but the man knew better than to simply judge a book by its cover. Her name… Kate? Katelyn? Something with a ‘K’ - was simply waiting on the tip of his tongue.

    But all of that would have to be put on hold, as a couple of boisterous men began berating her and trying to somehow pick her up through taunts and jeers. The woman was visibly shrinking into her own frame and doing her best to ignore all the remarks - but these men were awfully persistent. The Frenchman couldn’t help but wince at the tone of their voices - and just the sheer volume at which they spoke. Did they not realize that they were in public and in plain sight of everyone else on the train? A few nervous people exchanged glances, but for the most part, people stared on, unwilling to do or say anything to help this poor woman.

    As the train pulled into the next station, a few bodies shuffled out - and it looked as if the woman was finally going to make her way to freedom, until one of the men pushed her right back down into her seat. LeCaine could practically feel his eyes bulge out of their sockets in shock at how incredibly rude these men were being. Sure, Harrison had had his own moments in treating other members of the human race rather terribly… But for the most part, he cherished many of the women in his life and protected them at all costs. The air around him startled to whirl around his fists as his telekinesis plasmid fired up. A nearby briefcase - perhaps one of theirs - would do the job just fine.

    Within seconds, a solid leather case swiped right across the face of one of the men. After many months of using this plasmid, the doctor liked to think that he had gotten pretty good with his telekinesis aim - and so the random objects being pelted at the strangers hit with relatively decent precision. In fact, Harrison was rather surprised that nobody else had gotten seriously injured as item after item was hurled at the crowd of men. This rather scandalous affair continued on for another few seconds or so before the train chimed - signalling for the next stop. Before the end of the announcement, the man was already on his feet and headed straight for the crowd of imbeciles.

             "I suggest that you leave her alone and get the hell off this train - - -"

    Needless to say, he didn’t need to repeat himself as they all clamoured out of the train in a hurry. The doctor raised his hands in a bit of a surrender gesture, just to ensure the woman that he meant no harm before crouching down in front of her.

                                            "Mademoiselle… Are you hurt?"

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Hug Me

"This is stupid. Really, Hector, out of all the childish
things you could be doing right now -
this really takes the pie.”

                                                                " - - - Takes the  c a k e -”

"I do not care which pastry it is. It’s stupid."

    The doctor had finally had a chance to steal himself away from the madness that was the clinic this week… And what was he doing? Of course the disciple had memorized his schedule and so noticing the irregularity, he had stormed into the Frenchman’s apartment and dragged him out of bed to explore Fort Frolic - or at least, that’s what he was told. Until now. It seemed as thought Hector Rodriguez had once again found a way to emotionally manipulate the normally quiet and introverted LeCaine into one of his stupid little schemes.

    According to the very brief and vague amount of information that was given to him, the actor had gotten himself into a bit of a spat - with none other than the centre of Harrison’s affections, Ava Tate. The doctor couldn’t possibly imagine what this fight could have been over, considering the pair of them had fought over every possible situation and object imaginable. Ever since their little “marriage” ended in shambles, there had been nothing more than bitter remarks exchanged between the two. Or at least, that was his interpretation because at least once a week one of them would enter his office and complain about the other. It was like being the child in the middle of a divorce… With the awkward condition that Harrison had slept with both of them.

"Are we going to do this or not?"

                                    “It’s just down this hall, cool your jets, Harry.”

    LeCaine grumbled as the two men manoeuvred  through the narrow hallways behind the Fleet Hall stage. For all the money that seemed to pour through the entertainment district every weekend evening for the shows that Cohen and his protegés seemed to put on… A lot of these backstage areas look… dingy. Gross, even. Harrison made a bit of a mental note to wash his hands the second that they left this area and went out to the promised lunch date after this incredibly childish move. And what if Ava Tate wasn’t even in her dressing room at the time? Did she not have other places to be? More important - and more public and expensive places to be? People to meet? Or worse… People to fuck?

    Their shuffling came to a halt outside of a rather segregated looking dressing room - the label on the outside of the door still shiny and gold-plated. Ava’s name put a small curvature of a smile on the doctor’s lips before he rolled his eyes and complied with Hector’s request. His toned and athletic arms wrapped tightly around the disciple as the pair practically slammed against the closed and locked dressing room door. So much for hugs being soft and enjoyable… - A sharp nudge dug into his ribs, prompting a grunt to leave Harrison’s lips before he raised his voice and spoke as dramatically as possible.

Ooh, Hector, that was the best blow job I have
ever had… It was so much better than the one
Ava gave me last week - - -”

    As dramatic as he tried to be, LeCaine still portrayed the whole lie in a rather unimpressed tone. This had to have been one of the dumbest ideas he had ever been dragged in to and it was so plainly obvious that it wasn’t exactly convincing. Suddenly, a glass shattered against the door that they were leaning up against. Clearly Mademoiselle Tate was in her dressing room - and far from amused. Only the doctor and Ava herself could understand the shrill French curse words that were being shouted at both Harrison and Hector… And with not a moment to spare, the Frenchman grabbed the disciple by his shirt collar and made a run for it.

"If you could understand what she was saying,
you would be running too-“