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        “… Where did you get that?”

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Another nosebleed. All his life he’d been prone to them, but to suffer three in a single day struck the young physicist as odd. They also seemed to arrive on a routine schedule, he noted, between three or four hour gaps. Robert would’ve timed the last bout for further study had he not been so damned lightheaded. It eventually came to a point where, along with some not-so-gentle coaxing from his sister, the elder Lutece begrudgingly left home for the Medical Pavilion, a silken handkerchief cupped tightly to his face.

By the time he’d arrived, the bleeding had all but ceased. Typical, he thought, as he strode with purpose from the metro towards the emergency room. It was his only option at such a later hour, however ridiculous the circumstance. Regardless, Robert approached the check-in desk with all the poise one could expect from a reputable gentleman.

"Pardon me,"

He lowered the handkerchief to speak to a man with shagging hair and an inborn scowl.

"It’s hardly pressing, but I’m in need of minor assistance." 


His brow furrowed at the stained silk handkerchief. The dried blood on the stranger’s nostrils seemed to mildly concern him, but in the end Harrison knew better than to be alarmed over something as simple as a nosebleed. The soft lips pursed slightly, and his growing five o’clock shadow prickled his skin. A blank stare was exchanged before the doctor finally uncrossed his arms and crossed the floor to take a closer look at the man, not without grabbing a pair of latex gloves and slipping them on quickly.

“‘allo, my name is Docteur LeCaine, what seems to be the trouble?” the same phrase day in and day out left his phase monotonously. Before the non-verbal consent was given for the Frenchman to reach over and examine the man’s face, his ice blue eyes glanced over the seemingly troubled expression across from him. 


Joe knew the look of sleeplessness well enough. The man behind the glass in his bathroom wore it all but permanently. He walked up behind the bar as the gentleman took a seat and tried to speak friendly, but quietly. He knew of headaches, too. Not that a drink would necessarily solve that.

"Sure, sure, I could mix you something strong enough," Joe said and smirked. He wasn’t a half bad mixologist. "How strong we talkin’? Long Island Iced Tea? Irish Car Bomb? Zombie…?" He hoped he wasn’t making an ass of himself and the guy knew the drinks by title. Last thing he wanted was to come off as ‘The Pretentious Bartender with all the Puffy Drink Names.’

Sure, the drinks wouldn’t exactly get rid of the headache. In fact, the amount of drinking that Harrison was about to do both here and back at his apartment would absolutely double the number of headaches he would have tomorrow… It didn’t matter. The doctor was far too exhausted to even care at this point. Finger digits poked at the corner of his eyes, removing the amount of sleep that had been building up. How long had it been since he had had a decent night’s sleep? Weeks? Months? Years? Rapture seemed to drain the life right out of him after that initial honeymoon phase.

As the bartender listed off the names of drinks that he had literally never heard of… LeCaine could feel his eyes blink progressively faster. He was from a little dump of an area in France… English was difficult enough without complicated names. After holding the clueless expression for long enough… A quiet mumble about something about a ‘long island iced tea’ left his lips… Clearly indicating that he was willing to be surprised.

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